Saturday, January 18, 2014

At the End of the Day

After a busy day, I'm always glad to go read my devotional for the day (I read the God Girl's Devotionals by Haylee DiMarco) and write in my prayer journal. I really should do this at the beginning of the day, but that's not up for discussion right now. :) 
There's always something that either encourages or challenges me. Either something that says, "You're doing great! Keep up the good work!" or "You're doing good, but you can do better. Try harder. It is possible." It's nice to get the encouraging kind every once in a while, but even though it's obviously harder, the challenging kind is better. We should never stop with 'just enough'. We need to press on towards the goal that Christ has set before us. We need to keep going, even after we've done the allotted task. There's always an opportunity to do more for Jesus, even if it gets harder or it seems impossible.
While I'm on the 8 Week Challenge, I'm going to post little tidbits regularly with the photos of the hats. If we raise $1000, I might raise the original time (8 weeks) to 10 weeks, or even 95 days! If we get a big response, we'll probably do it again!
Remember, I am the only one who is making 56 hats in 56 days at the moment. If you would like to do the challenge too, I'm going to try to set it up where you can pledge to do that on the website. Maybe you can't do 1 hat a day; how about 1 hat a week? You can always change it according to your schedule, but I urge to to challenge yourself. Do it for all God's glory, because he gave you your talents!
This is a baby owl hat I made recently on request. I'm still crocheting stuff to sell even though the 8 Week Challenge hasn't started yet. If you would like a certain kind of hat, just request it from me and I will try to get it to you.