Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I am so Blessed

I am so thankful to God for all the many blessings he has given me. Here is a small example of how he has blessed me in the month of February.
Well, the story really began in December; my grandma's church was trying to raise money for an orphanage they are building in Nigeria (the Master's Home). I really wanted to help, so for the month of December (and some of January), I put all of the money I made into a little bitty old jelly jar. I wanted to raise $300, but I thought I was being a little too... ambitious so I tried not to get my hopes raised up too high.
We started in December and we finished in the beginning of February; I was kind of disappointed because we had only raised $107.51, but I tried to comfort myself in the knowledge that I tried.
A week or two after I gave the money jar to my good friend, Mr. Ubi (he is helping with the orphanage), my mom went and got me some bunny food (for my bunny, of course!) and some yarn. I went to get some money out of my wallet to pay her back and all I found was $15 (I put a good bit of my money in that jar). I was like, "Oh, no..." I owed my mom $32.
Yesterday morning while I was laying in bed, I was trying to think of a way to get some money so I could pay my mom. I was stressing out about it, let me tell you! When I went downstairs to make my breakfast, mom said, "Elisabeth, you have another order for a polar bear hat." Good, I thought as I sat down to eat. That takes care of 1/3 of the money I owe.
Later that night, I was finishing the book Prophet by Frank Perretti and the phone rang. Mom answered it, smiled and handed it to me. I was crossing my fingers hoping it was another order. It was an order for not just 1 hat, but over 10! I was laughing with tears in my eyes because I knew: this is God providing for me. I know it sounds a little silly, I mean really, I only owed my mom $32, but it was God. What more can I say? He not only gave me enough money to pay for it all, but 5 times over! Although I have decided to give 50% of it to the Master's Home, sort of as a thank you to God.