Sunday, March 16, 2014

Things I Have Learned

When I was little, I thought that only the angels were prettier than my mom. Now I know that Mom is every bit as pretty as an angel.
When I was little, I thought my dad might be the smartest man in Indiana. Now I know that he is the smartest man in my world.
I used to believe that the word 'fair' meant 'pretty'. You can understand my shock and confusion when I read the Hobbit and it said (and this I quote), 'the fair Elf-King." (Oh, I was 6 when I first read the Hobbit, so you can see why I thought that. LOL, the 'pretty' Elf-King)
I used to believe that the worst 'bad' words there were were: stupid, hate, and fart (we weren't allowed to say those words when we were little, and for good reason)
The world seemed like a wonderful place when I was a little girl; my world was so small and sheltered and secure, I knew nothing of the horrors of the outside.
The people who have surrounded me since I was tiny are the ones who really care and love me the most, not the ones who come and call me BFF for a day and then disappear from my life. 
I have discovered that the people I look up to do make mistakes, but that they accept the consequences with grace and humility. They regret the wrong they have done and they apologize and try to make it right again.
I have discovered that when people are Christians, you can tell whether they are true or not by their works.
When a person says something you don't like, you don't have to get offended. Let it go. Does it really matter in light of eternity?
When a person does something amazing, you don't have to be jealous. Jealousy is sin, and all sins have the same rank. Murder is not higher up than lying and stealing is not above being jealous.