Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Day 56: Baby flower hat

The picture quality is poor, but this hat is actually cute in real life. It is newborn size. :)

I can't believe the 8WC is finally over! I will be writing a new post about my experience soon. If that last sentence didn't scare you off, I'm not sure what will. :)

Day 54: White beanie

This is kind of like a slouchy beanie, but not quite. It was an order and I forgot to take a picture before I gave it to the customer, but as they don't live very far away, I can get a picture soon. :)
It is teen/adult size and it is SOLD! Yay! :)

Day 53: Purple Moon hat

This hat did not turn out quite as I expected (and the bad pictures don't help at all), but I still think it looks okay. This one's for you, Tessa! Thanks for always hosting Monday's Minute Challenge! :D

This hat is sized for teens/adults. :)

Day 52: Newborn beanie

Here's a little blue beanie I made for newborn/preemie size. :)

Day 55: Newsboy hat

I didn't get pictures of this one either, but it looks exactly like this one. It is teen/adult size.

Day 51: Night Owl hat

I don't know about you guys, but I am a total night owl which means I am the complete opposite of an early bird. I only get up at 6:00 am like 3 times (maybe 4 times) a week.
Since I am such a night owl, I decided that a night owl hat would be adorable. :)

 This hat is for 6-12 months.

Day 50: Pink Rainbow hat

I would say that this hat would probably fit toddlers and preschoolers. :)

Day 49: Lego Minifigure hat

This hat is kind of creepy. It didn't really work out the way I had planned.
You see that bump on the top? No, he did not fall 20 feet out of a tree and bump his head (like I did once), that was supposed to be the little stud.
You see that weird, eerie smile he's got? No, he's not practicing his part in the newest horror movie titled 'Nightmare', that's just a normal smile.
Yes, I'm feeling really sarcastic today and it's probably showing through this post more than a little bit. I'll just let you be the judge of this hat.

Based off of this Lego minifigure

Sunday, May 25, 2014

The End of 8WC (Oops!)

Sorry I haven't posted the pictures yet, but I was really busy yesterday. I would upload them now but we are about to leave to spend the night at a friend's house, so I will upload them tomorrow. Sorry about that. :P

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 48: Owl hat

Yet another owl hat, but this time it's in natural colors. :)
This one fits my two year old brother. Isn't he the cutest model EVER? :)

Day 47: Bofur hat

OK, all of you know that I am a HUGE LOTR/Hobbit fan. I decided I just HAD to make a hat related to the Hobbit...
and here it is! (It looks a lot better when someone is wearing it)

When I was watching The Unexpected Journey for the first time, I fell in love with Bofur's hat. I'm a major hat person, so it really stuck out. Of course, after making this I had to make me one for my birthday. Especially since my birthday party was kind of based on the Hobbit. :)

Here's a little Bilbo I made out of clay to put on my cake. I spent a lot of time making the hair (because Hobbits have to have curly hair) and guess what happened a minute or two after I put him on the cake?
Which meant he got icing in his hair, and since it's curly and hard it is was really hard to clean out. :P  :)

Poor quality pic, I know. :P

Day 46: Monkey hat

Not the usual sock monkey hat (because those have always looked kind of creepy to me), but it's still a monkey hat. 6-12 months.

Day 45: Purple beanie

Child/teen sized. :)

Day 44: Green beanie

Just a normal green beanie. :)  
It's child-sized. Not sure what else to say, so I'm not going to ramble on. :)

Day 43: Camo beanie

Here's a purple camo beanie for all you girls out there who like... camo. :)

Day 42: Owl hat

This hat is about 6-12 months sized. :)


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Day 41: Minion hat

I just realized I have not been posting the sizes of the hats as I go. I will try to remember to do that on the rest of my posts. :P

This is a teen-sized hat. It fits me pretty well, although it would fit a bigger head. :)

Day 40: Tiger hat

OK, you have got to admit, this one is cute. ;)

Day 39: Panda hat

 I didn't like the patterns I found for Panda bear eyes, so I came up with my own. I think they turned out okay. :)  At least you can tell it's a panda hat.


Day 38: Cookie Monster hat

This one worked out slightly better than the Elmo one did.

Day 37:Elmo hat

This is this week's flunk. :P

I only posted one picture because seriously, need you see more?

Day 36: Owl hat

Background courtesy of my awesome new chair/storage container/thingy. It's almost like a funky ottoman. Will be posting about that on Reflections of the Heart. :)

Saturday, May 10, 2014

So Far

We are now 50% done with the 8WC! Yay! We have had 1901 pageviews since we started the blog in January! :D

Quick Recap:
Here are the hats I've made so far and their sold/for sale status. :)

1: Newsboy hat (teen) - SOLD!
2: Minion hat (toddler) - SOLD!
3: Sweet flower hat (teen) - For sale
4: Sleepy Owl hat (0-3 months) - For sale
5: Minion hat (0-3 months) - For sale
6: Frog hat (child) - For sale
7: Bunny hat (toddler) - For sale

8: Minion hat (adult) - SOLD!
9: Flower hat (newborn) - For sale 
10: Hello Kitty hat (preschooler) - For sale 
11: Minion hat (adult) - SOLD!
12: Thing 1 hat (preschooler) - For sale
13: Thing 2 hat (preschooler) - For sale
14: Flower hat (preschooler) - For sale

15: Minion hat (toddler) - SOLD!
16: Mickey Mouse hat (3-6 months) - For sale
17: Minnie Mouse hat (3-6 months) - For sale
18: Bear hat (6-12 months) - For sale
19: Red beanie (child-teen) SOLD!
20: Polar bear hat (6-12 months) - For sale
21: Basic beanie (child) - SOLD!

22: Minion hat (child) - SOLD!
23. Pikachu (Pokemon) hat (child) - SOLD!
24. Pumpkin hat (child) - For sale
25. Baseball hat (Preschooler) - For sale
26. Blastoise (Pokemon) hat (child) - SOLD!
27. Flower hat (preschooler) - SOLD!
28. Flower hat (6-12 months) - For sale

29. Rapunzel hat (Preschooler) - For sale
30. Elsa hat (Preschooler) - For sale
31. Minion hat (adult) - SOLD!
32. Stuffed owls - SOLD!
33. Minion hat (adult) - SOLD!
34. Stuffed owls - SOLD!
35. Owl hat (6-12 months) - SOLD!

Money raised so far: $433.58 (A hearty 'WOOHOO!!!' is in order! :D)
So basically ,we've sold at least 16 hats that I know of. I've probably forgotten some of them, though.

Thank you to all of you people that have supported us throughout the 8WC. We appreciate it so much and we pray that God will bless you for your efforts, whether you bought a hat, prayed for us, or even if you just follow our blog. I really don't know how to thank you guys for all your help... and it's not even over yet! :)

Donation-wise, we're almost on schedule. You know, since we were trying to raise $1000 and we are halfway through with $431.58. To be 'on schedule', we would need $500, but I'm just grateful that we have raised this much. :)

Day 35: Owl hat

Another order. :)  I think all of that pink made it look fancy, don't you? It would go great with one of the little stuffed owls, especially in a similar color.

Friday, May 9, 2014