Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 47: Bofur hat

OK, all of you know that I am a HUGE LOTR/Hobbit fan. I decided I just HAD to make a hat related to the Hobbit...
and here it is! (It looks a lot better when someone is wearing it)

When I was watching The Unexpected Journey for the first time, I fell in love with Bofur's hat. I'm a major hat person, so it really stuck out. Of course, after making this I had to make me one for my birthday. Especially since my birthday party was kind of based on the Hobbit. :)

Here's a little Bilbo I made out of clay to put on my cake. I spent a lot of time making the hair (because Hobbits have to have curly hair) and guess what happened a minute or two after I put him on the cake?
Which meant he got icing in his hair, and since it's curly and hard it is was really hard to clean out. :P  :)

Poor quality pic, I know. :P