Monday, February 16, 2015

A Plea for the Innocents

This is more of an interactive post. I felt like I really needed to write this.

OK, I want you to go to Pinterest and look up pictures of babies (here's the link to one of my boards with a lot of baby pictures on it, if you don't want to look them up). Look at all those sweet faces; all the adorable smiles. Look at all those precious, innocent children.
Now I want you to close your eyes and picture that Pinterest page, but replace all of the photos with blank spaces. Just white. Any comments about the sweetness of a child are made by people who can see who that child would have been if they hadn't been murdered. 

They are not tissue. They are babies. They are human. There is no difference between a child in the womb and a child in your arms. None.

So many babies are killed- murdered, in cold blood -everyday. No flags lowered, no presidents crying, no media hyperventilating. Normal day. Why aren't there more people mourning this loss? Why aren't there more people weeping over this massacre of innocent lives?

We feel sorry for ourselves and all the drama in our lives, forgetting to be grateful that we have lives. We complain about our misfortunes, forgetting that so many others have been persecuted and even killed for various reasons that don't matter. Not really. They didn't deserve it.


Note: I believe that abortion is a sin and is wicked in the eyes of God, but I also believe you can be forgiven through Jesus Christ. I believe that it is wrong and is evil in God's sight, but I also believe that grace is freely given Jesus's name.